About Us



Femcure Remedies LLP is a professionally managed healthcare company, based in Mumbai and operating in Maharashtra State of India and is committed towards promoting high quality products for Gynecologist.

Femcure Remedies LLP was formed in 2015 with a vision of being a "One Stop Shop" to meet the needs of the Medical Profession namely the Gynecologists, Other Medical Specialist and Not for Profit Organizations (NGO). Femcure Remedies LLP. is a marketer of Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics, Contraceptives, and Pharmaceuticals. Femcure Remedies provides a range of quality products that offers value for money to the Gynecologist & Other Medical Specialist. Femcure Remedies is engaged in the marketing of branded, Reproductive and Female Healthcare Products, such as Medical Devices like Vacuum Delivery System & Air Sterilizers, Contraceptives like Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices, Contraceptive Injection, Medical Diagnostics like Pap Smear Kit and Pharmaceuticals like Generic Formulations.

Femcure Remedies LLP. follows the latest trends & good practices in the industry. The Products are distributed through the direct distribution model Business to Customer, this ensures competitive pricing for the products.

Company Details

  • Date of creation : August 2015
  • Main areas of activity : Marketing of Medical Devices, Contraceptives,
    Medical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals
  • Main products: Vacuum Delivery System, Air Sterilizer, Intra Uterine Device,Contraceptive Injection, Pap Smear Kit, Save Kit for Rape Victims
  • Main customers : Gynecologists
  • Geographies : Maharashtra

Company Capacity

Human Resources

  • Company: Managed by 1 Director with a vast experience of over 25 years in Marketing & Sales of Healthcare Products and currently looking after functions namely Marketing, Sales, Admin & Finance & HR.


  • The Core Competency of the Company is Marketing & Sales of Branded Health Care Products for the Gynecologists, Other Medical Specialist and NGOs. In short Femcure Remedies is a “One Stop Shop” for the Gynecologist and other Medical Specialist and NGOs. Femcure Remedies uses the Direct Distribution model i.e. Business to Customer (B to C) so as to provide the product at the best value for money directly to the Medical Fraternity & NGOs.
  • Geographical Coverage – 5 major cities in Maharashtra


Managed by 1 director who has a vast experience ranging over 25 years in Marketing & Sales of Healthcare Products. He brings in expertise in different functions that are required to smoothly manage the operations.

Femcure Remedies LLP is currently head quartered in New Mumbai.


Femcure Remedies LLP is covering 1 state in India, namely, Maharashtra, 5 major cities in Maharashtra. In the next five years the plan is to have a presence across entire Maharashtra.


We are registered under the Shop & Establishment Act & have a valid Drug License and CST & VAT No.