Fem Touch Vaccum Aspirator


  • Very useful for the process of extra-gentle Vacuum Assisted Delivery.
  • The foot switch operation allows the doctor to increase the pressure steadily
    without touching the matchine. The required pressure (580 mm Hg) cam be
    attained in seconds and the pressure will be maintained.
  • The vacuum pressure does not drop due to stopper valve and the doctor can
    concentrate only on delivery.
  • The press release fixed above the bottle helps the doctor to release vacuum without
    touching the machine.
  • Unbreakable plastic jar for easy handling, cleaning and reassembling.
  • Electrically operated and the power consumption is very low (40 watts only) and
    absolutely very silent. It can run with invertor also. Maintenance free oil less pump
    with absolutely low noise (60 db). The overflow protection device prevents liquid
    or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing.